Luxurious Art by Mathieu Jean

One day, while drinking my favorite morning coffee, I was flipping thru social media and my attention was drawn to the cool image posted by a friend of mine Mathieu.  Mat is an artist who creates very unique, tribal paintings using different media and the colors are very vibrant. The image of painting he posted that day got me to think… What if we collaborate? What if we create a line together featuring his amazing work on my designs… Oh I couldn’t wait and immediately emailed him and scheduled to meet over coffee to discuss.

Mat was actually as excited as myself to give it a shot and after a few meetups and 9 months of work and adjustments our amazing line Mathieu Jean by KARO was ready! When our manufactured prototypes came in from the manufacturer, we just couldn’t believe how perfect they came out! So vibrant and beautiful. We did good he said. I smiled and I knew that day that we created something that was special and unique…

Wrap yourself in luxurious art and stand out from the crowd

Swimwear by KARO

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